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Older badge layouts

Previous Company Section Armband

This is the armband for the previous Company Section badge scheme. Each member was required to achieve three credits at Grade 1 to obtain the badge, two credits at Grade 2 to get the red flash surround and one credit at Grade 3 to get the blue flash which surrounds the red flash. A member had to achieve all three stages in Adventure, Community, Leadership, Interests and Physical in order to be awarded The Presidents' Badge.

The Target 1 and Target 2 badges at the top of the armband were awarded in the first year for completing the Target Award Scheme which introduced new members to the Company Section.

Right Armband

Previous Company Section Right Armband

Left Armband

Previous Company Section Left Armband

Previous Junior Section Armband

This is the armband for the previous Junior Section badge scheme.

Previous Junior Section Armband